The Vivian Howard + Haand Collaboration

We began “officially” working together when Vivian Howard and her team started building out the concept for Lenoir Restaurant and wanted to include Haand as the exclusive tableware. That conversation quickly dovetailed into using Haand dishes for the photography in Vivian's book This Will Make it Taste Good. What we later learned was that Vivian had been buying and collecting Haand since our earliest days- in much the same way we had respected her work on PBS and at The Chef and the Farmer in Kinston, NC. Over the years, as these projects came together, and now with this collection, our respect for the unique, deep, and frank thoughtfulness she brings to everything she does has only grown.  

Sustainability & Heirlooms

Sustainability is really important to both Vivian and Haand. We have seen firsthand the ravages of climate change on coastal communities in NC and the Southeast. We know that to make a large change, sustainability needs to be in the DNA of everything we do. Both of our organizations integrate sustainability into our businesses, and we want to highlight something with this collaboration that can often be overlooked: buying a well-made object with the intention of passing it on to the next generation can have a profound impact on your carbon footprint. Buying and shipping something only once is WAY better than buying multiple versions of poorly constructed things made of unsustainable materials. It is the definition of an heirloom: buying something so awesomely tasteful for yourself that your children and grandchildren will fight over it. 


Versatility is not talked about enough. It is the superstar, secret power of a truly great object. An object that can only do one thing should face A LOT of scrutiny every time you move or remodel. The best tableware can be used for any meal: a formal wedding brunch, unexpected visitors staying for breakfast, a picnic, a pretend (or real) tea party, or a wake. Everything in this collection can be used for any meal, and I am sure you can think of many more uses: as mise en place when prepping, as an impromptu cell phone support when Facetiming grandparents, as a place to put your glasses and rings next to the sink….