Introducing the
Vivian Howard and Haand

A Curated Collection of Versatile Dishware

A truly delightful thing about any collaboration is to see your own work through your partner’s eyes. These sets are drawn from Vivian’s favorite Haand pieces, all of them performance tested at Lenoir Restaurant in Charleston, SC. Blended together through simple narratives: Dinner Party, Intimate Cocktail Party, etc. these are all perfect building blocks for yourself or as gifts.

A note from Vivian Howard and Haand

Meet the Collection

"The collection is so versatile. The saucer with the coffee cup is not just a saucer. It's a great cocktail party plate. The share plates are perfect for salad or dessert. It's what we put in front of every guest at Lenoir because everything we serve is family style."

- Vivian Howard

Subtle, Creamy, Pastel:
Meet Our Newest Glaze

Developed especially for this collaboration.

Introducing Buttermilk Pink

"I love the way it changes in the light. In some cases, it's this deep pink. In others, it's more of what I like to call buttermilk pink. It's so subtle. It's so neutral that it will look good in any kitchen."

- Vivian Howard

Why We Love This Collection


Sustainability & Heirlooms

How the Collaboration Came Together

"I think of these dishes as like a really good cast iron skillet. You invest in it, keep it for years and pass it down."

Vivian Howard