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Raleigh, NC

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Los Angeles, CA

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Burlington, NC

We believe that dinnerweare is an essential part of the diner’s experience and the chef’s expression.

Our Mission


Our Mission


Our Mission


Our goal is to work with you to help curate a collection of tableware that complements your restaurant’s concept and philosophy about dining.


I am tremendously proud of our collaborative project with Haand. Their work in pottery achieves one of my greatest goals in cooking… it tells the story of the place we live, but in a format that translates to tabletops in any community. The products that Mark and Chris create are spirited and unique, yet durable and utilitarian. I look forward to continued collaboration and creative discovery with Haand.

Ashley Christenson, 2019 James Beard Award Winner, "Outstanding Chef"

Before our food even hits the table, guests are completely engaged by the artistry of our side plates and votives. Ultimately, our food is served on an incredibly beautiful canvas, of which every guest takes notice. Working with the very talented individuals at Haand was a complete pleasure. We worked together to compose a comprehensive custom portfolio entirely perfect for our space and aesthetic as a whole. Not only are these plates simply stunning; they are remarkably durable and completely suited to the rigors of a demanding kitchen. I have not found plates this elegant yet this resilient anywhere else; and I am proud to have such amazingly talented craftspeople as part of my community.

Teddy Klopf, Chef

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