Registries with Haand

 Photo by Julia Dags

We offer registries for all the occasions in your life.  If you are interested in creating a registry with Haand, please email to get started


Locate an open registry here

How does your registry process work?
At Haand, our registries work differently than the average wedding registry. Everything we do is made by hand and as a result, we will go into production of your registry items once you choose to close the registry. So, the registry works a bit more like a fund and after it's closed, we can revisit and see what was purchased. At that time, you'll also have the option to make changes and exchange for different items if you so choose.
What if I change my mind and want to adjust some of the selections I have made for my registry?
Since our registries work like a fund, you can easily change your mind and make edits to your items at the closing of your registry. Your design consultant can assist you with any changes you wish to make before finalizing your order.
How do I search for a registry?
Our open registries can be located here.
How do I close out my registry?
Once you are ready to close out your registry and make your final selections, please email