The Secret to the Wedding Gifting

by Michelle Perry for Haand

When I asked close friends what the best wedding gift they received was, responses included everything from a personalized cheese board and everyday dinner plates, to a set of glasses from a company local to where they met. No two couples responded with the same answer, but they all shared two simple details: utility and sentimentality. From sharing a charcuterie board for a simple date night at home, to filling one’s home with family and friends for celebrations using these special dishes and glassware, these pieces not only allow couples to reminisce about their past but also create new memories together. These gifts don’t just take up a space in a drawer or on a shelf, they are conversation starters, memory builders, and help make a house feel like a home.

That being said, wedding-gifting can feel daunting. Finding a balance between utility and beauty, while also hoping to gift the couple something with meaning, can result in hours browsing the internet for the “perfect” gift. While this quintessential gift may not exist, here are a few products I have gifted to family and friends that I find get as close as possible.

You can never go wrong with a beautiful set of dishes or a set of serving platters that are perfect for every occasion. Haand’s 5 Piece Ripple or Skali Sets are ideal in quantities of 4 to help the couple start their tableware collection. 

If they like to entertain, the 3 Piece Serving Platter Set is versatile enough to go from elegant charcuterie to family-style meals.  

3 Piece Platter Set

Bring some daily beauty into the lives of those you love by gifting them a Haandmade vase–or set of vases–for those farmer’s market flowers. Or a set of Hestia Nesting Bowls which make great decor pieces when not being used in the kitchen. These pieces are not only unique statement pieces for the home but like all of Haand’s pieces, can also last a lifetime.

Large Driftwood Vase
Hestia Nesting Set

If you’re on the hunt for something a couple will use every day, look no further than timeless hand-blown glass kitchen items. 

Haand Glassware

Whatever you choose to gift those closest to you, just remember that the best gift possible is one that the couple will use. And if it’s beautiful and meaningful, that’s just icing on the cake!