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Behind the Design

When you throw a stone into a small pool, the ripples move out from the central point of impact. They spread until they hit the edges of the pool — the rocks, the logs, the shore. The waves write the story of the space they travelled within through the language of the morphing ripples.

This series of vessels and plates are an attempt to freeze and recreate this phenomena through porcelain.

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...Everything in the Ripple line has a bit of an unexpected shape, which I love. The breakfast bowls are a bit higher on one edge, which gives them a beautiful lift. We enjoy our Haand every day!

I love the Ripple Dinner set in the Burl color. It is so classic, simple, yet bohemian - timeless. I am so excited for my Thanksgiving table this year because of the hand crafted Ripple dinner set. I can't say enough of the beauty in this hand crafted pottery.

Made with care & intention

We do everything in-house. We believe that to do something right, we must be involved in the entire process.

Design to last a lifetime

Durable, heirloom quality porcelain built to withstand the rigors of commercial kitchens.

Shipped with care

We package every order carefully, ensuring our pieces arrive on your doorstep intact.

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