Our Colors

Formulated & refined over the years

We formulate all glazes in our studio to ensure control of the final color and finish. We carefully select and test all of our formulas and ingredients to ensure just the right balance is struck between the natural and the refined, and spend years honing and tweaking until it is all just right.

Our porcelain and glazes combine to have a completely unique feeling in your hand. Each glaze formula can have individual quirks, and glazers will adjust the amount of time a piece is dunked and how they turn their wrists to allow the glaze to drain off consistently.

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Matte White

Clean, crisp, classic

Our satin white is simple at first glance, but looking deeper reveals hidden depths and variation, like a beautiful fragment of Greek marble or a sheet of handmade paper intended for a 19th century manuscript.

Pairs well with: any colors!


Each piece as unique as the sky

Cloudware is Haand’s love letter to the iconic Wedgwood Jasperware developed in the 1770s. Haand’s marbleized deep blue and white is a simplified modern interpretation of Wedgwood’s neoclassical designs put through the blender of the Haandmade process— the freeform nature of this mixture means no two Cloudware pieces are alike. Cloudware pieces are meant to be eaten on, drunk from, handled, used, and admired. This is the look of the North Carolina sky in summer, marbled paper notebooks, wild cornflowers, cream in coffee. Each piece represents a specific moment in time, a merging of classic design with a pared-down simplicity that feels both historic and of the present.

Pairs well with: Matte White, Stormware, Birch, Vespertine


Earthy, inviting, unique

A robust golden brown, the satin surface has the appearance of highly polished wood with darker variegated patterns blending into the surface.

Pairs well with: Fern, Celadon, Birch, Matte Black, Buttermilk Pink


Cool, fresh, verdant

Soft cool green, based on historic Korean Goryeo period glazes from the 12th century. The satin surface and subtle application variations make this quiet glaze come alive.

Pairs well with: Fern, Buttermilk Pink, Robins Egg, Birch, Matte White


Earthen, natural, clean

Terra is a colored porcelain body we have engineered to perform to the same level as our standard white porcelain body. It is modeled after the coarse, dense earth dug up (often from mere yards away from a workshop) and employed by potters throughout history. A dark brown colored porcelain exterior paired with a contrasting satin white interior that walks the line of rustic and chic.

Pairs well with: Birch, Matte White


Lush, botanical, sumptuous

A deep green mottled with lighter greens; reminiscent of the vegetal color of midsummer ferns growing quietly in the shade.

Pairs well with: Matte White, Birch, Burl, Celadon, Turmeric, Vespertine, Buttermilk Pink


Natural, organic, relaxed

A satin white glaze speckled with brown, it reminded us of birch bark, or quail’s eggs, or a white river stone discovered in the moonlight.

Pairs well with: any color!


Elegant, starry, deep

Vespertine is a term used in biology to describe animals and plants that are active during the period immediately after sunset- not to be confused with crepuscular, which is the period immediately preceding sunset, and nocturnal, which means active all night. Vespertinus is Latin for “evening”, and Vespertine the album by Bjork is pretty great, too. 

“This glaze reminds me of a glaze we used in our high school pottery- maybe middle school. The depth of it reminds me of staring into deep water- the infinity of staring at the night sky. I spent a lot of time camping as a kid in boy scouts, you start to lose yourself in the shifting blue as the stars start to gradually come out it stops being a color and starts becoming something else- something infinite. You can start to lose yourself in the calm depths of this glaze- it’s amazing that a color can make you feel so much.” - Chris Pence, Co-Founder and President

Pairs well with: Celadon, Birch, Turmeric, Fern, Matte White


Warm, Citrus, Spiced

"I have always loved a warm, rich yellow. It is, unfortunately, hard to chase down in ceramic glazes- due to the chemistry of minerals in glazes, they tend to go green very easily. And, to perhaps highlight my masochistic nature, I really dislike yellow greens. I am forever disappointed, but I know it’s possible! I had the pleasure of visiting the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco a few years ago, and I was blown away by a single, elegant primary yellow plate made in China sometime in the 15th or 16th century. 

There is such vibrancy in a good yellow- an egg from my chickens, sunshine, a buttercup, spices, etc. I hope using pots with this glaze in your home feels like a warm hug in the sunshine warmth." - Mark Warren, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Pairs well with: Vespertine, Birch, Matte White, Robins Egg, Fern, Matte Black

Matte Grey

Modern, minimal, elegant

A neutral, contemporary grey. Not a shadow, but the hue of a well loved tool-chest or the sweater you wear around the house.

Pairs well with: Matte White, Birch, Matte Black, Stormware, Concrete, Celadon


A weather system captured in clay

Stormware is a moody gray and white mixture of clays, modelled after the look of thunderclouds on the horizon on a cloudy day. Each piece is different, a weather system captured in clay.

Pairs well with: Cloudware, Concrete, Matte Black, Matte Grey, Birch, Matte White


Variegated, Industrial

A gray background with dark speckled surface, this glaze reminded us of weathered, industrial walls.

Pairs well with: Matte Grey, Stormware, Birch, Matte Black, Matte White

Matte Black

Sophisticated, luxe, warm

A warm satin black reminiscent of cast iron or polished charred wood.

Pairs well with: Matte White, Birch, Concrete, Burl, Celadon, Matte Grey, Birch, Turmeric, Buttermilk Pink, Robins Egg

Buttermilk Pink

Subtle, creamy, pastel

"I love the way it changes in the light. In some cases, it's this deep pink. In others, it's more of what I like to call buttermilk pink. It's so subtle. It's so neutral that it will look good in any kitchen." - Vivian Howard

Pairs well with: Robins Egg, Birch, Matte White, Matte Black, Celadon, Fern, Burl


Oceanic, rich, satiny

Named after the deepest trench in the Pacific, this glaze is a rich, oceanic blue-green. The satin finish really bumps it up a notch, giving a rich hand feel as well as a visual one. Great with all of our glazes, but if you are truly channeling your coastal self, pair it with Birch and Coquina, or go all in on the pelagic vibe: Fern for kelp, Vespertine for the night sky over the Pacific, and Mariana for the ocean under the moon.


Warm, neutral, coastal

Coquina is a sedimentary rock made of shells and sandstone, kind of the prequel to sandstone. Growing up in north Florida, it was the only actual “rock” around, so it was ubiquitous. I love the neutral warmth of this glaze, making it a subtle but essential new star in our color offering. It plays nicely with all colors of kitchen decor, and is right at home next to our existing glazes.


Volcanic, saucy, earthy

Inspired by the rich, earthy reds used in Roman frescoes, particularly the well-preserved examples found at Pompeii and Herculaneum, tragically frozen in time to the day of Mt. Vesuvius erupting. You might be surprised how unexpectedly charming some of the pairings look: try Turmeric, Mariana and Pompeii together, or Vespertine, Matte Grey and Pompeii. Like all reds, she is a bit saucy, but never a discordant note.

A vibrant pop of blue with a satin surface that looks like a robin’s egg in a nest or the classic shade of blue painted on porches to keep malicious spirits from entering a home.