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Three New Colors for Fall


Coquina is a sedimentary rock made of shells and sandstone, kind of the prequel to sandstone. Growing up in north Florida, it was the only actual “rock” around, so it was ubiquitous. I love the neutral warmth of this glaze, making it a subtle but essential new star in our color offering.


Inspired by the rich, earthy reds used in Roman frescoes, particularly the well-preserved examples found at Pompeii and Herculaneum, tragically frozen in time to the day of Mt. Vesuvius erupting. Like all reds, she is a bit saucy, but never a discordant note.


Named after the deepest trench in the Pacific, this glaze is a rich, oceanic blue-green. The satin finish really bumps it up a notch, giving a rich hand feel as well as a visual one.

Meet the New Members of the Family

Storage Crocks

Fitted with a beautiful bamboo lid, these homey crocks are perfect for holding your dry goods- coffee, sugar, flour, rice, dried mushrooms, whatever you can think of!

Available in 24oz and 34oz

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Utensil Holder

An unsung, utilitarian hero of the countertop. Our handmade Utensil Holder is tapered towards the top, giving it a stable base that won’t tip over, and lets the utensils inside fan out so you can find what you are looking for faster.

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Spoon Rest

 For as long as humans have cooked, we have probably thought, “Dirty spoon goes where?”, and thus spoon rests were created. Keep your stovetop safe from dirty spoons in style with our beautiful take on a simple shape.

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Oil Cruet

Designed for olive oil, these handmade ceramic cruets work great for any shelf-stable liquids- vinegar, soy sauce, garum, chili oil, etc. he key to a good oil cruet is the spout- it should pour smoothly, and according to the American and Italian Olive Oil Councils, it should close to keep out bugs and oxygen which will shorten the shelf life of oil.

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Salt Pinch

I don’t know what I would do without a salt pinch on the shelf above my stove. Designed to maximize volume, is easy to fill, and is a pleasure to use. Salt is one of those ingredients that is easy to forget about, but if you can, use the best salt you can find that is suited to your needs- flaky sea salt, finely ground salt, smoked salt, or regular ol’ iodized. It makes a difference. 

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Butter Dish

With very few exceptions, room-temperature butter is what you want to cook with or spread on your food. Even in the cleanest house, though, you want something to protect your precious butter from bugs and crumbs, and hey, it should look good, too!

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Mise En Place Set

Nothing says “I know what I’m doing here” better than having your ingredients prepped and ready to go before you start cooking. Our Mise en Place Set consists of three different shapes that work on their own in addition to being designed to nest in each other- a huge convenience if you are traveling from the kitchen out to the grill or outdoor seating.

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It hopefully only takes one incident/accident to show the necessity of a trivet- a burned countertop, or a discolored table surface. Our handmade ceramic trivet is a unique, organic shape, made from our high-performance porcelain and backed with cork to further protect your table.

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Diner Mugs

A riff on the classic diner mugs- the kind that as you use it, it slowly dawns on you that this is a damn fine mug. Sits in your hand nicely, keeps your coffee hot, and just feels right. A mass-produced, chunky, chipped-lip, coffee-stained mug instantly brings me memories of eating at a Waffle House on a family road trip between Florida and Mississippi, or a bleary-eyed trip to an all-night diner during my younger, wilder days.

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Hestia Nesting Bowl Set in Sedona

Our Hestia Nesting Bowl Set, in our new Fall 2023 colors. If you have ever prepped a big meal before, you know you can never have enough bowls. It keeps your kitchen organized, and looks nice, too. Ranging in size from our large handmade mixing bowl, down to our little Ramekin, it’s a versatile array.

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About the Collection

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Behind the Design: Details Matter

Historical examples and vernacular oddities. Mass-produced kitchen tools. Technical drawings and old patents. All of these inform the design of these shapes. I wanted to build on what works and what people expect- an Oil Cruet should be easy to clean and not drip everywhere. A trivet is going to have heavy objects on it, it should have a soft cork bottom to save your tables. I considered each piece, it’s function, and what it HAD to accomplish. Through that, I was able to build each piece upward and find the small details where the Haand touch could flourish and improve on the function.

Designed to Work

Who says tools shouldn't be beautiful?

Elevate the Everyday

Pair the Kitchen Essentials with our tableware and serving pieces and experience the Haandmade home for yourself.

Details Matter

We found just the right spouts, spoons, and lids, and sculpted these utilitarian forms into works of art.

Made with care & intention

We do everything in-house. We believe that to do something right, we must be involved in the entire process.

Designed to last a lifetime

Durable, heirloom quality porcelain built to withstand the rigors of commercial kitchens.

Shipped with care

We package every order carefully, ensuring our pieces arrive on your doorstep intact.

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