5 Step Guide To Selecting Tableware

Building your tableware wedding registry can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start but with the right guidance it’s actually a lot of fun! Chris Pence, co-founder of Haand shared this step-by-step guide to help you make your selections.

Start at Home

Take note of the size and shape of the dishes you use everyday. Since these are the pieces you use most, they are the very first pieces you’ll want to select in your new collection.

Consider Your Headcount

How many people eat in your household daily? How many people do you entertain? Start your collection with enough dinner settings for your daily headcount +2 and complete your collection with the number of people you entertain +4.

Select Your Dinner Setting

Ripple, Skali or Both? We offer two different, yet complementary, tableware collections - Ripple and Skali. It’s helpful to understand why you might choose one style over the other or why mixing the two styles might work best for you.

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Choose Your Color(s)

Traditional, Bold, Earthtones? We offer our Ripple tableware in 11 different colorways as well as two mixed color sets: Oslo & Piedmont. The Skali collection is currently offered in 5 colorways and the mixed Piedmont color set.

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Add Serving Pieces

We recommend starting with a few serving pieces you know you’ll use most often and continuing to add more over time. The 3 Piece Platter Set is a great option since it can be used for everything from appetizers and charcuterie to main course presentations.

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