Meet Mike Newins

 Mike Newins

We worked closely with Mike Newins of Make Nice to design the best planter stand possible- which was not hard at all with someone as talented as Mike. Mike Newins (they/he) is an American designer making hand-crafted modern furniture and functional objects in their studio exactly 1 mile from Haand’s workshop. Newins is a self-taught craftsperson and designer whose work is both natural and playful, and we knew he’d be a perfect partner to make a piece that (literally!) supports our new line of planters. 

Wood working 1

Utilitarian craft is one of Mike’s favorite things to talk about. We know from personal experience, that if you go out to a restaurant with them, they will turn over the plates to see who made them, inspect the weave of the curtains, and guess at who made their tables (just like we do!). We’re pretty lucky to have a local collaborator friend who is enthusiastic to discuss manufacturing processes over a glass of wine. 

Wood working

A planter stand serves two purposes- it raises your potentially wet catchplate off your floor or table, and they also help your plant get a little closer to a light source. The wood Mike uses to make these plant stands is domestically harvested Ash, and finished with a clear oil that highlights the beautiful woodgrain as it darkens and matures over time. We made one stand for the 8” Fossil Planter, and one to pair with our 12” Long Fossil Planter. The 8” Fossil Planter Stand has short legs, and would be right at home on a hall table, desktop, or the floor. The 12” Long Fossil Planter Stand is longer and has taller legs, it is a real statement piece in any room.

Planter Stands

Especially if you’re local to North Carolina, check out Make Nice’s offerings, including custom cabinets. Last time we visited to see the planter stands in process, there was a set of custom kitchen cabinetry almost done in the studio that was smart, minimal, and sleek: right out of an interior design magazine centerfold.

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