Spiced Peach Coffee: Origins and Brewing

Haand's exclusive Spiced Peach Coffee is a collaboration with Black & White Roasters, in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Black and White Coffee Roasters is the brainchild of two US Barista Champions. Founded in 2017, Kyle and Lem were inspired by the coffee they experienced at the competitive level and wanted to make those coffees as widely available as possible.

Spiced Peach is Haand's first exclusive coffee release with Black & White, and is a blend of Jairo Arcila Peach and Cinnamon and Ivan Solis Anaerobic Washed 


Jairo Arcila Peach

Origin: Armenia, Quindio, Colombia

Producer | Jairo Arcila

Farm | Finca Santa Monica

Process | Honey+ (wine yeast + peach co-fermentation)

Variety |  Castillo

Elevation | 1450-1500 masl


Ivan Solis Anaerobic Washed 

Origin | Santa Maria de Dota, Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Producer | Ivan Solis

Farm | smallholders in El Vapor community

Washing Station | Santa Fe Wet Mill

Process | Anaerobic Washed

Variety | Catuai 

Elevation | 1500-1900 masl


Ready to brew?

If you want to try expert-level coffee brewing at home, check out Black & White's brewing recipes on YouTube:

Some tips:

  • Grind size: think of these grind sizes as a spectrum, from very fine to very coarse. The order on this spectrum is:
           Espresso = more fine grind
           Drip / pour over = midway on the spectrum
           French Press or Cold Brew = more coarse grind
    It’s best to trust what you're tasting as an indicator of whether to go for a fine or coarse grind. If the coffee is too fine or “over-extracted” it will leave a bitter taste or dry feel to your mouth. If the grind is too coarse you will “under-extract” the coffee meaning that the water passed through it too quickly and did not process out all the flavor and complexity, leaving your drink to be more watery and lacking in flavor.
  • We recommend brewing your water around 200℉ / 94℃. This will change depending upon the quality and properties of your water (ie. filtered, distilled, tap water, etc.)
  • For espresso, we start all of our coffees at a 1:2 ratio with a brew time around 24 seconds. This recipe usually works great for year round coffees and single origin coffees with lower impact fermentations. Funky coffees often get the longer ratio treatment (sometimes up to 1:3), but your preferences may lead you elsewhere. We celebrate that!
  • Serve your coffee in ceramic mugs, handmade in North Carolina! Shop our Mug Collection.


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