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Back in the Design Studio
It’s an exciting time at Haand- for the first time in a very long time, Mark is back in design mode and working on some new things to release in the upcoming months. Chris, who may be as excited as Mark to see some new designs, had a few questions for Mark below.
Ripple Tableware: Movement Frozen in Porcelain
When we started Haand, I had much more free time. I lived next to a creek that fed in to the Haw River, and when I had nothing to do, or some time to kill, it was nice to sit in the shade and watch the water. Occasionally, a leaf would hit the surface of a quiet pool, or minnow would break the surface. This product line is inspired by the phenomena and the feeling of watching water flow on a quiet afternoon.
Product Story: Chemist Cup
A long time ago on a couch far, far away... Since childhood I have been a voracious consumer of fantasy and science fiction movies. Summer in north Florida is analogous to winter in Minnesota-- there are periods that you just...
Product Story: The Fruit Bowl
Or, the Joys of Big Bowls To talk about our Fruit Bowl, I need to introduce a concept that has been rolling around my head for years: the thought of a Relaxed Object. Some pots, especially mass-produced ones, feel tense...
Product Story: The Short Mug
 An Origin Story As I write this, morning rituals and small acts of comfort have taken on new meaning during this time of isolation and sheltering in place. A cup of coffee or hot tea throughout the day provides points...