Mystery Box FAQs

Q: What is included in your Mystery Boxes?
A: Our mystery boxes are hand-curated by our team and include a mix of limited edition items (unique colors, tests designs, etc.), excess inventory from past restaurant and/or hotel orders, and a mix of miscellaneous second-quality pieces.

As a small team we currently don’t have the resources to photograph each of these items and set them up on our website, but they’re begging (as much as porcelain can beg) to leave our studio and to arrive in someone’s hands.

Q: Why are we doing this?
A: Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision- especially when everything Haand makes is so cool! We get it. Over the last year or so, the shelves in our studio have gotten a little cluttered. We’ve accumulated quite an array of unique pieces and in hopes of finding loving homes for all of these items, we’re introducing our Mystery Box program.

Our team has curated a limited quantity of “mystery boxes” available in four sizes. If you’re excited by a bit of mystery and believe in the magic of pottery destiny, we can promise you that these boxes offer an incredible value of truly unique Haand pieces at up to 70% off.

Q: When is the next Mystery Box Launch?
A: Our Mystery Boxes sell out quickly, so we know it’s easy to miss out on them. Sign up for our email newsletter to get a heads up on when we launch, and all the other cool stuff our creative studio is working on year-round!

Q: What if I don't like one of the pieces in my Mystery Box?
A: We are very confident that you will love your Mystery Box’s contents, and with so many pieces in the box, we know that there will be something you love. We cannot, unfortunately, accommodate special requests for pieces and colors, but if it’s a total miss, reach out to our customer care team so we can talk and hopefully make you happy!

Q: When will I receive my Mystery Box?
A: It takes slightly longer than usual for us to put Mystery Boxes together, but you can expect to receive your box in 1-2 weeks.

Q: Can I request a specific color or piece in my Mystery Box?
A: Unfortunately no (what’s the mystery in that??), but if you want something really specific that we make, fill out our custom order form {link} or our Shop All section. If you want something in a single color, check out the Matte White Mystery Box or Matte Black Mystery Box