The Perfect Gift

Happy Holidays

From the very beginning of Haand we knew that an object made with care, intention, and love will shine when placed next to a similar mass produced object. That’s because the skill and dedication of our 15 employees comes through in each piece we make together at Haand. When you touch our porcelain, you can feel the care put into it and quality of the materials. We take pride in the craft of our talented employees, and once you have experienced Haand’s quality first hand we think you will too.

When you buy from a small business, that money goes directly back into their community and the pockets of the employees who live and work there. When you share their work with your own community, we are creating a network based on respect and embracing the value of people’s work and skill.

When you buy something made by a person, you are getting something that is truly unique and not available anywhere else- and certainly not at Amazon, Target, or Walmart. So, when it comes to perfect, one of a kind gifts, we’ve got something that will bring joy to everyone on your list.

Here are a few ideas for you - the perfect gift for everyone:

The Hostess/ Host with the Mostest/Most

This is for that person who always throws the perfect party. Who always makes you feel welcome and knows precisely when you need a top off or… a glass of water. This person always puts their guests first- they deserve some recognition!

The Coffee Lover

This is for the person in your life who is tireless in the pursuit of the perfect cuppa. They may have dozens of mugs already- but they probably do not have the perfect one yet. Our mugs are perfect, and at 8 oz and 10 oz, they are the perfect size to stay hot and create that precise taste of a well made cup of coffee or tea.

Your “Crazy Aunt”

No judgement intended- and no gender implied! Every family (or friend group) has that person who is always out there in left field, and has a creative, bohemian vibe that really appreciates a unique, artful gift. We selected these with them in mind.

The Cocktail Enthusiast

This is the person who always whips up some new alchemy at the cocktail station. They may have a lot of cocktail accoutrement, but they are always seeking the “just right” piece for that new whipped egg white Manhattan they are refining… and as you are the beneficiary of this tireless experimentation, don’t they deserve something cool! These selections are for them, and will help build out that home bar in a unique way.