Terra: Ancient. Earthy. Contemporary.

Terra is a colored porcelain body we have engineered to perform to the same level as our standard white porcelain body. Similar to our popular Cloudware and Stormware finishes, the porcelain is colored with food-safe, mineral pigments that penetrate all the way through the clay body, giving it a totally unique feel in your hand. 

The dark brown colored porcelain exterior is paired with a contrasting satin creamy white interior that walks the line of rustic and chic, featuring small variations and beautiful brown speckles on close inspection. For this release, we have paired the Terra finish with some of our favorite shapes that really showcase the beauty of the warm, brown exterior and lightly speckled white interior.

The brown-red color is modeled after the coarse, dense, iron-rich earth dug up (often from mere yards away from a workshop) and employed by potters throughout history. This colorway is inspired by my love of the historic, vernacular pottery seen in museum collections in Rome. I was blown away by how contemporary the outlines of these pieces felt, and the way the burnished surfaces mimicked melamine or bakelite. These were not fancy pieces for rituals or the super-wealthy, but sherds and portions of pieces used by people from all walks of life and then thrown in the river or midden heap when broken.

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