Tapered Mugs

This is one of my favorite styles of mug, but a surprisingly hard shape to inject any “soul” into. Everyone has (or had) dozens of mugs with a similar form as these laying around from an Ikea shopping spree, and there’s a reason- they work really well! The tapered form keeps liquids warm longer because it has less surface area exposed to the air, they fit well in cup holders, and they have great leverage between the large handle and the body. We worked really hard to make sure that OUR tapered mug feels like a Haand piece, with a slightly wonky, wavery rim and a handle that feels very strong but is surprisingly thin and undulating. 

I had an epiphany about this mug a few weeks ago- I was mowing my lawn and drinking my coffee out of a Tapered Mug, and when I finished, without even thinking about it, I tossed the mug onto a part of the yard I had just mowed. I realized I have probably done this dozen of times, and it has always survived. I’m not suggesting anyone test this themselves, but this bad boy can certainly take some knocks and keep right on going- a testament to the strength of our material and the skill of our craftspeople. 

--Mark Warren, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Haand, October 2022