Styling and Entertaining with Haand

Yogurt Dip

Whether I am creating a tapas-style meal for my husband and myself or I am putting together an  assortment of dishes when entertaining guests, I consider aesthetic and ease to be of equal  importance. I have a handful of key questions I consider each time I entertain or put together a  diverse meal: 

  • Is there a flow to the spread, or does it seem cluttered and confused? 
  • Are there similar options on each side of the platter or table so every guest has a savory  snack within reach no matter where they might find themselves sitting or standing? 
  • If I were to move this dip, platter, etc. to a different spot or to hold it while serving, would it all move with ease? 
  • Do I have pops of color and contrast, both from the food and the serving ware, scattered throughout the table to add visual interest? 

Thankfully, these questions are easy to answer when using my dishes and serve ware from Haand. The clean, simple beauty of the pieces are impactful enough to stand alone in a tablescape, but they can be combined for flow without being overwhelming. For instance, I might fill a Breakfast Bowl with dip. If I add a Skali Coupe Dinner Plate under the bowl and fill the remaining space with items for dipping, I’ve created a one-stop shop for my guests;  regardless of whether they leave it on the table or take it with them to pass around, it’s a  cohesive assortment that has dimension, and the coupe edge and sturdy design of the plates ensures that all the items stay put.

Haand pieces are so versatile, and I especially love the Ramekins and Dessert Bowls for adding little accents and color pops to items like charcuterie boards; fill them with jams, dried  fruit, and nuts, then scatter them along a Cheese Tray or Oval Platter to keep things diverse, both in flavor and visual interest.

The Ripple Side Plates and Salad Plates are my go-to for parties and tapas since both are easy  to hold with one hand (or to balance atop a drink if you’re feeling risky) and are the perfect size for an individual sampler. While I often end up perpetually grazing the snack bar, having a few  plates on hand for the more civilized guests is always a good idea. 

While the idea of hosting can, at times, be daunting, I find that going through my key questions  and having a plan in place alleviates the stress of styling. It allows me to be creative, intentional, and efficient, and it frees my mind to relax and enjoy the company of guests when  they’ve arrived. Knowing that my pieces from Haand bring enough beauty to the table (literally  and metaphorically) to make the need for additional decor minimal also simplifies the process.  And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past year where so much of what we’ve known  has been stripped away, It’s to eliminate hurry celebrate the beauty of simplicity.