Start a New Tradition with Hestia Nesting Bowls

Hestia Nesting Bowls

It’s no surprise that we are all going to have to be a little more flexible when it comes to the holidays this year. Smaller gatherings, different locations or new menu selections will require that we deviate from the tried and true and try something new. Many of us won’t know what the holidays will look like until they get closer which means our tableware will have to be as flexible as we are. Hestia Nesting Bowls are the perfect solution. 

Our Hestia Nesting Bowls are designed to be versatile additions to any tabletop or kitchen. With sloping sides and a relaxed feel, Hestia Nesting Bowls sit as well in your hands as on a surface. The slight variations in shape help the set of nested bowls create visual rhythm. The design is based on a beloved set of metal enameled mixing bowls that rested neatly together until they were brought out for cooking or baking. Our steep-sided versions have relaxed rims— as if that old set of bowls was grabbing a quick nap while nobody was watching. The size and proportion of each bowl make the set ideal for accomplishing almost any kind of prep or snack task.

The Hestia Nesting Bowls collection features five sizes, ranging from teeny-tiny up to a serving bowl. The Ramekin (3.5" x 1.5”) is best for pinches of ingredients or controlled amounts of liquid like chile oil or vinegar. The Dessert Bowl (4.25" x 3”) is ideally sized for after-dinner treats— a scoop of ice cream, a handful of berries. The Dessert Bowl also works for a side of rice or as part of a tapas spread; we’ve been known to use it to make enough salad dressing for two people. The medium-sized Breakfast Bowl (6” x 3”) makes for a  beautifully-presented pour of cereal or yogurt with granola. The Sharing Bowl holds a family-style side like wilted spinach or a large salad for one; the largest bowl, our Fruit Bowl, adds a sculptural presence to your table as a salad bowl or centerpiece. 

We’ll all be starting new traditions this holiday season, let Hestia Nesting Bowls be one of yours.