Product Story: Ripple Vases

Ripple Vases
Designed to be organic and have personalities when they sit on a table top, our Ripple vases capture and reflect the natural rhythms of the shapes in our Ripple tableware collection. I wanted them to feel
like they were made through a natural process- like driftwood getting worn down on the beach over years at sea, and or pebbles rolling around the bottom of a mountain stream. I grew up on the beach in Florida, and my friends and I would spend many hot summer days walking around on the beach and seeing what a storm had washed up- these bits of detritus changed from their journeys and exposure to the forces of time and tide.  

I have played with the vase format several times over the years, but this is the first time that I have really had the chance to dive deep and really develop a group. We have been so tableware focused over the past 5 years with our work in the restaurant industry, that anything outside of that format has been put on a simmer on the back burner.
With Covid and the social distancing my family has done over the past year, the pleasures of home and the simple joy of collecting flowers with my 18 month old daughter have risen to the forefront of weekend activities. Testing these arrangements in the various shapes have given a new meaning to the term ‘work from home’, as has the chance to examine our domestic life and the objects we love to use there.
These vases are different from many vases out on the market- they are sculptural in form but still highly functional as vases. Depending on the angle and the light that you view these from, they change dynamically and offer surprises, I find myself seeing new silhouettes even after months of looking at these.