What is "Haandmade"?

As a person who thinks and expresses best with their hands active, it’s fitting or expected that I can have a hard time using my words to explain just what it is we do here at Haand. 

It is a place (the Haand factory in Burlington), it is a sum of its parts (the people, the business structures) and it is a process; an ecosystem that takes raw materials at one end and through hundreds of touches turns this dust and dirt into beautiful pottery by the time it gets to the other end.

Chris and I settled on the name Haand because it just had the right feeling, and felt true. It still does. It looks like it could be a goofy misspelling, it’s a very very old way to spell “hand”; it has become symbolic: it is a way of thinking and doing. 

Haandmade, then, encompasses the magical, mystical, mundane process of adding soul to an object through human touch. It is a definition of the indefinable minutiae that add up when people make objects using simple tools and their hands- they give something to it and take something from it, animating it with a new life as it moves past them and out into the world. 

Mark Warren, Co-Founder and Creative Director