Planters FAQs

Q: Should I “re-pot” my plants into my planters or should I leave it in the plastic container it came in?
A: There are occasional exceptions, but most house plants are happier and healthier when they are re-potted and given a bit of room to grow in extra soil.

Q: How much soil do I need for each size?
A: We did some research and our estimate for each size is 6 quarts for the Large, 4 Quarts for the Medium, and about 2 for the Small. We suggest using Good Dirt’s potting soil and care products.

Q: What size potted plant fits best in each planter?
A: Most houseplants are labeled with the size pot they come in, regardless of the size of the plant in the pot. The rule of thumb is that you want to re-pot a plant in a planter that is 1-2” larger than the plastic pot it comes in.

  • The 12” Long Fossil Planter, you can fit two to three 4” pots, or up to an 8” potted plant depending on the plant.
  • The 8” Fossil Planter can hold up to a 6” or 7” potted plant.
  • The 5” Fossil Planter can hold up to a 4” potted plant.

Q: Where can I learn about taking care of house plants?
A: If you like to have a book handy to refer to, we suggest The New Plant Parent by Darryl Cheng. For an online resource, start with The Sill’s Care library.

Q: Can these be put outside?
A: During the summer, absolutely! If you live in an area where you do not have to worry about freezing, you can put them outside year-round. If you are keeping these outside, you may want to set aside the catch plates so they do not collect water and hurt the plant or help bugs gestate.