Color Selections


Our satin white is simple at first glance, but looking deeper reveals hidden depths and variation,
like a beautiful fragment of Greek marble or a sheet of handmade paper intended for a 19th century manuscript.


A neutral, contemporary gray. Not a shadow, but the hue
of a well loved tool-chest or the sweater you wear around the house.


A warm satin black
reminiscent of cast iron or polished charred wood.


Soft cool green, based on historic Korean Goryeo period glazes from the 12th century.
The satin surface and subtle application variations make this quiet glaze come alive.


A satin white glaze speckled with brown, it reminded us of birch bark, or quail’s eggs,
or a white river stone discovered in the moonlight.

Robins' Egg

A vibrant pop of blue with a satin surface that looks like a robin’s egg in a nest or the classic
shade of blue painted on porches to keep malicious spirits from entering a home


A floral, organic pink dappled with tiny white speckling throughout.
The soft satin finish is reminiscent of freshly bloomed azaleas in early summer.


A deep green mottled with lighter greens; reminiscent of the vegetal color
of midsummer ferns growing quietly in the shade.


A robust golden brown, the satin surface has the appearance of highly polished wood
with darker variegated patterns blending into the surface.