Sustainable Rugs

At Haand we have a deep understanding of the hard work and dedication it takes to produce handmade goods sustainably in the 21st century, so we’re always excited when we come across like minded crafters like CICIL in our own backyard.

CICIL, makes rugs from the ground up, using 100% natural, renewable, and non-toxic materials. Their fiber is sourced directly from farmer cooperatives on the East Coast and manufactured in the Carolinas, to keep their footprint small. They use minimal processing without synthetic dyes or toxic chemicals - and no petroleum based fibers, ever.

Their collection starts with raw wool sourced from family farms in New York, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. They skip synthetic dyes and embrace the rich, natural hues of the fiber. None of the toxic performance chemicals often found in carpets and rugs are added either. There’s no need - wool is already a natural performance fiber, with inherent antimicrobial and stain resisting properties. Their variety of wool also has an extra long fiber length, making their rugs super soft and durable. So go ahead, roll around on it.

They’ve explored the heritage craft of braiding rugs to create shapes that are both timeless and surprising. Their rugs are sewn by hand in North Carolina by a family-owned manufacturer. Order off the shelf or contact us for custom sizes. They partner directly with their supply chain from farm to final product to ensure we’re making our rugs with the best possible processes and practices.