Introducing Our Newest Colorway - Concrete

Our Concrete glaze finish is inspired by the weathered, patinated concrete floors of old industrial buildings. I am always fascinated by the way these hard surfaces reflect the history of what has been done on them. I love the transition you can see in old buildings as they crumble and age- nature turning hard angles into rock formations as lichen and kudzu reclaim the space.

The grey and black are applied separately by our glazers by hand which does two things: creates a unique pattern as they melt together in the kiln depending on the thickness of the black glaze into the grey, and it also reflects the glazers individual styles and how they move the glaze as it is applied. 

The result of all of this is a mottled, granite-y surface that looks gorgeous on the flat surface of a plate, and when applied to a vase or bowl it gives the appearance of being carved from a river stone. Food really pops on this finish, and there is nothing quite like it out there in the pottery world.