#HaandAtHome Contest

Where Do Your Haand Pieces Live?

Haand works great in the kitchen, don’t get us wrong. Mugs and plates are sculptural pieces in the cabinet, on the countertop, even in the dishwasher. But it’s a shame to relegate the beauty of Haand porcelain to solely one room.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to explore whole house decor ideas using Haand pieces. In the meantime, show us where your Haand pieces live outside of the kitchen and you could win a $250 gift card!

#HaandAtHome Contest
  • Snap a picture of a Haand piece as decor in your home, and upload it to Instagram
  • Tag us: @haandmade, and use #HaandAtHome in the caption
  • Each unique post counts as an entry so show us all your pieces
  • The randomly selected winner will receive a $250 gift card!

The contest ends May 16th, get as many entries in as you can before then. We will be sharing your posts on our Insta Stories and feed. This is open to everyone, so tag your friends who own some Haand or let your friends who don’t have Haand yet “borrow” some of yours so they can enter too!