Haand at Home: Using Haand Platters as Jewelry Displays

Jewelry Platter

Images and post by Taylor Ghost, Senior Interior Designer for STITCH Design Shop

When I was younger I loved purchasing those multi-packs of earrings. You know, the kind that came with several sets of posts, hoops and maybe even a bonus dangly set (!!). Oftentimes my selection of the “best” pack would be the one with the most color, or multiple types of metal finishes. Essentially, I wanted to spend a little and get A LOT in return. 

These days, my spending habits, and subsequently my jewelry collection look much different. I tend to spend more on a given item but it is usually because the item has a story, is handmade, or otherwise notable. A lot of my pieces are by fantastic designers and craftspeople. Typically they have forms that are larger in scale or atypical shapes. As a result, the standard jewelry box typically gets all jumbled when I store my things inside and it frustrates me. To be honest, I also miss seeing my jewelry when it is hidden away. I really like observing these little pieces of art! 

I realized recently that my Haand platters would help make it easier for me to see what I have as well as nestle the jewelry in a more careful and organized fashion. Haand platters are so beautiful on their own, but also make an  elegant backdrop – perfect for a dresser or at a dressing table. I chose their glaze colors Burl, Birch, and Fern because I felt like they worked well to soften my surrounding high contrast décor, but considered going with all white too!

Using platters on your dresser is a great  way to bring Haand into your bedroom and creates a tidy, unique way to organize and display your jewelry.