Farewell, for now, Stormware

It's time to say goodbye to our moodiest products: the gray and white swirls of Stormware.

Stormware was inspired by Mark's childhood on the Northeastern Florida coast, watching swirls of grey and white thunderstorms move in while he was out on the roof watching the ocean with his dad.

When this line is retired, it won't be available at all - not even made to order. So if you wanted some Stormware before its gone - now is the time!
Why is Stormware retiring a full retirement with no "Made to Order" options?

Sometimes, when colors retire from being stocked in inventory, we're still able to make them "Made to Order". That's because most of our pieces are pigmented glaze on top of a clay body made out of white porcelain. 

Stormware is different - the design you're seeing of gray and white swirls isn't on top of the clay body, it IS the clay body. This effect is achieved by pouring pigmented grey porcelain slip AND white porcelain slip into our molds together, with a bit of a swirl! 

As part of our ongoing efforts to make sure we have everyone's favorite pieces in stock all the time, sadly some lines have be retired (for now) but we never want to say "Goodbye forever" it's more of a, "See ya in while, crocodile" situation. 

Don't miss out on the last of these precious and memorable pieces!