Meet Registry Couple Emily & Kevin


Get to know our registry couples and why they chose Haand.
Kevin and I met back in high school through mutual friends but didn’t start dating until college, just before the pandemic. We spent lockdown in a COVID bubble with only each other and our immediate families. That time was invaluable to us as we learned that one of our favorite activities to do together was cook. After graduating in May of 2022, we adopted our first fur baby, Suki, and traveled to Iceland, where Kevin proposed! Since then we’ve been very busy wedding planning and building a new home. We cannot wait for what the future will bring…probably another dog. 

Why Haand?
Kevin and I both appreciate unique quality pieces for our home. I’ve always loved to be in the kitchen baking and we’ve found a love for cooking together. When we started registering for wedding gifts we were excited to add tableware that we could use to host friends and family for different holidays and game nights, but we were disappointed at the lack of selection and durability that we found in the traditional home stores. My mom suggested I take a look at Haand and I’m so glad we did. We scheduled an in-studio  tour and consultation with Chris and as soon as I held my first piece I immediately knew that these would be long-lasting staples in our home.

Gifts You Like to Give for a Wedding
We love sharing our favorite items with other couples so they’ll think of us when they use it. Since we both love to cook it’s usually something for the kitchen.  

Favorite Gift We Received for Our Wedding
Even though our wedding isn’t until October, we’ve already received several Haand pieces as engagement gifts. Our favorite gift so far is our Wide Serving Bowl in Fern. We love the deep color green and can already imagine all the different dishes that we will be serving our guests out of it!

Using Haand Gifted Items
So far, all of our Haand items are packaged and ready for our move. Our house is still under construction and will be completed just before the the wedding. We can’t wait to unpack them all in our new kitchen! 

What Do Haand Gifted Items Mean to You as a Couple
After visiting the Haand studio we learned that each Haand piece has its own story. That fact came back to me when I received my first Haand piece, the Wide Serving Bowl I mentioned earlier, as an engagement gift from my Nana. As I held it I realized that the story of each Haand piece starts in Haand’s studio but continues with each of the hands that touch it after that. My Nana will always be a part of that Wide Serving Bowl’s story, and so will we and if we’re lucky enough so will future generations of our family.