Eat at Home: #haandplated with Takeout


There are nights when you just don’t want to cook. You call the neighborhood pizza joint for take-out, pick up some pies and salad, and put everything on your countertop. Sure, you could drape a slice over a paper towel or eat it standing up. But instead, you get out a set of Ripple dinner plates and matching salad plates. The salad is emptied into a Cloudware serving bowl. You grab some linen napkins from the drawer (this may not be the occasion for whites) and put them on the table along with real forks and knives if you’re that kind of pizza eater. You position the vase of fresh flowers in the center, light some candles if you’ve got them, and pour something sparkling into a Chemist cup— mineral water or wine, your pick. In about a minute, you’ve created a tablescape worth enjoying. You’ve slowed down enough to have a meal rather than take a pit stop. Once you’re finished, put all your Haand dishes and cups in the dishwasher. They’re sturdy enough to handle it.

Don't forget to take a quick picture before your first bite and show off your takeout plating at #haandplated for a chance to win a $250 Haand gift card. Here is a reminder of the contest details:

  • Prepare/ unpack your favorite meal/ drink/ dessert and plate it on a Haand piece.
  • Snap a picture, and upload it to Instagram
  • Tag us: @haandmade, and use #haandplated in the caption. Bonus: tag the restaurant you got the food from
  • Include the recipe (if you want) and share why this is your favorite recipe- a special memory, a unique ingredient or technique, etc.
  • Each unique post counts as an entry
There are 2 categories:
  • People's Choice: awarded to whichever post gets the most likes, so lean on your mom, cousins, friends, etc. to vote!
  • Randomly Selected: Every entrant will be put into a pool and the winner will be chosen by a random number generator

The contest is open until October 15th, and we will be sharing posts throughout the month on our Insta Stories and feed. This is open to everyone, so tag a friend who owns some Haand, or "borrow" it if you don't have any of your own... Or hey, still got that 10% discount from signing up for our email list??