Capture the Soul of Your Holidays


Capture the Soul of Your Holidays with Haand Serving Pieces Regardless of what holidays you’ll be celebrating this season, heartwarming, hearty meals are likely to be shared. Holiday meals are unique in that they are mostly served on platters and in large bowls.

I designed our serving pieces to embrace the bacchanalian side of the holidays-- the fun, weird roots of the traditions we celebrate. But they do so much more than that…


They Make a Great Presentation

Haand platters and bowls will show off your feast. Starting with the appetizer spread - a beautiful thing that’s an indicator of a special day… On to the main course, which will invariably spark some of your favorite memories while you create new ones. Then, topping it all off with desserts so decadent you might have no choice but to taste them all!

They’re Very Practical

Our serving pieces are meant to do exactly that…serve. Ergonomic and weighty enough to pass large dishes of meats and sides around the table, sharing and helping each other, as you keep an eye on making sure everyone gets their fair share of the feast. When the time comes for cleanup, our serving pieces are dishwasher safe, just like our dishes.


They Capture the Soul of Your Tradition

Perhaps the most unique and special part of our serving dishes is that the Haandmade Process - capturing the soul of an object through human touch - doesn’t end in our shop. It continues in your home with every meal that you share and platter that is passed; each hand that touches your Haand pieces leaves its own indelible mark, year after year and generation after generation.

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