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Sandra + Carter

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Registry for Sandra Antoun + Carter Crites

Wedding August 22, 2017

We chose to register at Haand for it's unique and handmade quality and sustainability. We actually discovered Haand at a local boutique in Austin as I purchased one mug for my fiancé and after a week of using the mug we wanted more!  Carter and I both work in creative fields where we are consistently challenged to deliver something that is unique and timeless.  Furthermore, Carter has spent the last decade of his life living on 5 continents managing high end hotels, it was a no brainer that Haand was the perfect selection for our lifestyle.  Thank you to the creators of Haand for doing what you do!

Registry Items

Ripple 12" Dinner Plate - $45 x12

15" Skinny Platter - $55 x0

20 oz. Pourer - $45 x1

Skali Soup Plate - $48 x12

Skali Salad Plate - $35 x12

Oyster Platter - $95 x1

Civet Fruit Bowl - $105 x1

Ripple Dip Plate - $20 x2

Stormware Mugs - $25 x12

15" Oval Platter - $114 x1

Ripple Coupe Plate - $40 x1