Dancing Figures Plate- Haand Painted

Dancing Figures Plate- Haand Painted

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1 Of A Kind, Hand Painted Plate

Inspired by a dream of druids dancing around a fire at night in an ancient forest, I wanted to capture the movement and the activity of watching something from a distance at night- returning to a bonfire party after grabbing more beers, or showing up late to a party started long ago… it’s a specific feeling I have missed during this year plus of social distancing. Unsigned.

I have always loved old blue and white ceramics- Delftware and Kraak Ware (quickly/ sloppily done illustrations on export porcelain of European scenes by 16th century Chinese artisans), really speak to me. My enthusiasm for painting and drawing far outweighs any training or draftsmanship, however, a compulsion and sense of humor have led me to paint on our pieces over the years. I think of them as somewhere between a high school stoner’s notebook doodles and New Yorker cartoons. I hope you like them and they make you happy in some way, I certainly enjoyed making these. - Mark


  • Dimensions 10”W x 0.5”H
    • Hand painted by Mark Warren, co-founder and Creative Director of Haand
    • Lead-free, glazed white porcelain 
    • Microwave & dishwasher safe
    • Porcelain pot handmade by a person in NC, USA
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