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Carolyn Vaught + John Campbell

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Registry for Carolyn + John

Wedding October 21st, 2017

We stumbled across Haand pottery while eating at one of Jacob Boehm's Snap Pea pop-up dinners. The dinners are held at a secret location and you don't find out the location until the day of the event. This particular evening, we found ourselves driving out into the middle of nowhere outside of Chapel Hill and ended up at a barn- which was in fact the Haand pottery factory. The "theme" of the dinner was the manufacturing process of the pottery, and each course reflected one step. The handcrafted hyperlocal pottery was a perfect backdrop for the artful, imaginative courses. We immediately knew we needed some of the pieces and were thrilled to find out Haand does registries.  We are excited to fill our shelves with these beautiful pieces and use them for many dinner parties and family suppers to come. 

  • Ripple Dinner Plate - $40 x12
  • Ripple Couped Plate - $38 x12
  • Skali Soup Bowl - $28 x10
  • Ripple Oval Platter - $65 x0
  • Ripple Couped Platter - $85 x1
  • Skinny Platter - $70 x1
  • Civet Fruit Bowl - $95 x0
  • Small Bud Vase - $20 x1
  • Medium Bud Vase - $30 x1