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To fully understand the inspiration for this piece, you will need to time travel twice.

First, we will go to 18th century colonial America. The original, incipient inspiration for this candelabra was a photograph from a book about the history of lighting; an image of an ad hoc tin and steel contraption that allowed the candles to move up and down to change the intensity of light on a thrifty clerk’s page as the candle got shorter and shorter.

Not content with a 1:1 translation, I wanted to filter this image through the concept of what a clerk in 10th century Byzantium might have in his home.  Made of brass, modeled after the scales he looked at every day in his shop weighing currency.

Simple, balanced and sparing of materials. Almost like a set of scales that do not ever need to move- 2 candles lit together will burn at a constant rate and weigh the same if made of the same material.

  • 13" x 2" x  12" T
  • Made by hand in NC, USA
  • Slip cast Cone 10 porcelain & Brass
  • Durable and Chip Resistant