Benevolence Farm Donation
Benevolence Farm Donation

Benevolence Farm Donation

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Help support Benevolence Farm's important mission- donate $20 and get 20% off your next purchase from Haand.

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About Benevolence Farm

Benevolence Farm was built on the premise of mercy and sincere belief in second chances. Their program provides a transitional employment and living program for women leaving North Carolina prisons. They recognize that change must come from within, but can be cultivated and inspired through a supportive, natural environment. Our goal is to give our participants the time and space — figuratively and literally — to make real, lasting changes. Residents develop skills in sustainable farming, small business practices, food preparation, and presentation in an environment that fosters improved physical, spiritual, and financial health. Residents actively contribute to the well-being of the farm, staking a claim in the program’s — and more importantly their own — success.

Our Collaboration with Benevolence

Our work with Benevolence Farm goes back a few years now and started when one of our employees, Malik, had the idea of giving Benevolence Farm our misfired cups and mugs to turn into candles. They began selling these at farmers' markets, and we now set aside as much as possible for Benevolence to use, and it really captures what they do there: through labor and love they make something wholly new and unique.
Last year, we donated our proceeds from Giving Tuesday to Benevolence, and we knew we wanted to do more to help support the critical work they do there.
We developed two candles for this collaboration and look forward to many more. Benevolence Farm grows and distills its own fragrance oils and I knew we had to use them, to share some of our Piedmont terroirs in these labors of love. They are located a couple of country miles from Haand, and we feel privileged to support them in any way we can.