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Anti-HB2 Mug
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Anti-HB2 Mug

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Something bad has happened in our beloved North Carolina. A few weeks ago, North Carolina’s legislature convened a special session and passed House Bill 2, a law designed to overturn local ordinances that protected the rights of the LGBT community, effectively stopping any momentum towards equality.

We feel that HB2 is unnecessary, intentionally divisive, and ultimately hateful.

When we began Haand, we talked often about how you can share love and comfort through objects. Every single person deserves love, respect, and empathy. Haand does not support HB2 or the actions of our legislators. We are not this.

We were working with our friend Ele Annand on a catalog when all of this began, and we immediately started shooting around ideas for logos or slogans against HB2. We knew that for it to be effective, it needed to be funny and irreverent. Regulating where people can go to the restroom in public buildings is ridiculous and should be addressed as such.

We have decided to donate the profits from these mugs to local non-profits dedicated to supporting LGBTQIA high school students through the creation of safe spaces. It is hard enough being a teenager- it is heartbreaking to live in a state where adults are actively passing laws telling you that who you are is wrong.


We feel that an important tie-in with this project is to hold our legislators accountable. We encourage you to send a mug to your representative, senator, or to Governor Pat McCrory. If you choose to do so, we will happily include a handwritten note saying whatever you would like to say to them.  Within reason, of course. Let’s not fight hate with hate. Let’s fight it with humor.