Studio Events


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Come join us for our annual Holiday Sale in our Burlington Showroom. Every year, we bring out our Seconds, Overstock and One-Offs and sell them at a deep discount to savvy shoppers. It's a great time to start your Haand collection or to fill some stockings with high quality, hand made porcelain for your loved ones. 

Throughout the year, some pieces don't make the cut to be included in an order due to a blemish, texture, or color inconsistency. But hey, they need homes too! Every year, we open up our studio to sell these beautiful misfits at deep discounts. 
In addition to our seconds, we also have a selection of overstock and one of a kind samples for sale at a discount. 

"What is a…"

Second: A  “second quality” piece (i.e right below first quality). These are pieces we produce throughout the year that have a slight flaw but are still perfectly functional. They may be slightly different in color or glossier than intended- they might also have iron spots or a thumbprint. We discount these pieces heavily, and they are a great way to start your own Haandmade home.


Overstock: In the course of a production run, we will often make more pieces than needed. They might be in a specific or custom color for a hotel or restaurant, and we keep them around to sell during this sale. They are discounted and can be a great chance to buy some of our more unique pieces like soy sauce pourers, small share plates, etc.


One-offs: Unique, custom pieces and prototypes made for clients or by us to try out a fun idea. These are always really popular and sell out quickly- who knows, someday they might be worth something as a unique bit of Haand history!