The Skali Dinner Bowl + 2 New Skali Dinner Settings

A new, generously sized "everything" bowl in the Skali family, and 2 new Dinner Settings Options

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Meet the New Members of the Skali Family

7-Piece Dinner Set

Everything you need to make your "Farmhouse Futuristic" table come to life.

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4-Piece Dinner Set

The perfect starter kit from the Skali Collection- versatile, durable, and stylish.

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Skali Dinner Bowl

A generously sized plate-bowl, or maybe it's a bowl-plate? Either way, you will find yourself reaching for it every day!

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I have coveted Haand dishes for many years now. I finally gifted myself a ten-place setting of the Skali dishes and they do not disappoint. Firstly, they are beautiful and artsy, but they are workhorse dishes that hold up well to everyday use. Food looks terrific in them too. I’m a big fan and look forward to adding more pieces to this collection.

Linda K.

This Skali Coupe set is perfect! The rim is just the right height to contain saucier dishes! We selected the Piedmont color way, it’s nice having the contrasting colors!


Behind the Design: Clean-Lined, Slightly Off-Kilter

The name Skali is found several times on the English Ordnance Survey map of the British Isles. A skali was a small, isolated homestead, and there are several tiny little villages scattered throughout the Faroe Islands and Scotland with that name- evidence of settlement of Vikings and Scandinavian peoples long forgotten but remnant in name, the Skali line is simple and direct.

These pieces are modeled after common, rural historical pottery forms; the everyday objects used by people around the world. Clean lined, slightly off-kilter, and highly functional.

Strong, Tall Rims

Perfect for carrying from kitchen to table, helps with stacking, and keeps saucy dishes on your plate- not the table.

Highly Functional

Modeled after the everyday plates of the ancient world with a strong, function first approach to design.

Sturdy & Durable

A favorite of our restaraunt partners, these are designed to stand up to day in and day out use and commercial dishwashers.

Made with care & intention

We do everything in-house. We believe that to do something right, we must be involved in the entire process.

Designed to last a lifetime

Durable, heirloom quality porcelain built to withstand the rigors of commercial kitchens.

Shipped with care

We package every order carefully, ensuring our pieces arrive on your doorstep intact.


Why would I choose a couped plate over a low-rimmed plate?

It’s really up to how you like to cook- do you make curries, stews, rice-based dishes, or anything else that could possibly “run away” from your fork, or spill off the edge of your plate, a coupe is perfect. Check out our explainer about our two main styles of plates here.

As a small team we currently don’t have the resources to photograph each of these items and set them up on our website, but they’re begging (as much as porcelain can beg) to leave our studio and to arrive in someone’s hands.

Should I get a 3, 4, 5 or 7 Piece Setting?

It really depends on how you would use them. The Dinner Settings are all discounted to make it easier to build your collection out affordably, but you can always buy the component parts (Dinner plates, Salad plates, Bowls, etc). Check out our helpful article about selecting your dinnerware.

Do the Skali coupes and Dinner Bowls stack well?

Oh yeah, they do! They were designed to function well in commercial kitchens, so they have to.

I like the mixed color sets like Piedmont and Oslo- will these be available in those colorways?

We want to do these sets in those mixed colors, but the boring answer is that it is complicated to make all of those groups on the back end of our website. If you want Piedmont, Oslo, or any color combinations in our existing or old colors, reach out here, because we likely can do them for you!

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