Jane + Patrick

Haand Custom Registry for Jane Jolis + Patrick Phalon

Wedding Date: August 13, 2016


Jane on why she chose Haand,

As a passionate cook and hostess, I immediately fell in love with the Haand rustic/futuristic aesthetic after seeing food plated on a Haand platter on one of my favorite food bloggers' Instagrams. Patrick also loved the natural hand-made look of the pieces, as well as the story and mission behind the company - two best friends, just making cool and unique work together down in NC. As lovers of food and of a great story, we were hooked!

Especially hoping we receive these plates and other serving pieces because, as you'll see from our other registries, they are the only dinnerware we actually registered for!  Blending everyday with special occasion is more our style anyway :)  Thanks in advance to our guests!    -Jane


 We want to wish our Congratulations to the future of this beautiful couple.  If you are interested in purchasing items for their registry please contact Chris Pence via email: chris@haand.us.


Silver Dollar Bowl - Medium: $30 / Quantity: 4

(in custom coral + sea-foam rim)


Silver Dollar Bowl - Large: $38 / Quantity: 2

(in custom coral + sea-foam rim)


Ripple Table Setting (Listed counterclockwise from top)

Sauce Plates: $11 / Quantity: 2

Roll Plates: $13 / Quantity: 0

Salad Plates: $32 / Quantity: 6

Dinner Plates: $45 / Quantity:  0

(in matte white)


Mugs: $25 / Quantity: 0

(in clementine + coral)


Margay Small Plate: $32 / Quantity: 0

(in matte white)


Cloudware Serving Bowl: $149 / Quantity: 0

(as shown)


Oval Platter: $84 / Quantity: 0

(in Lake)


Skinny Platter Large (Pictured top): $56 / Quantity: 0

(as shown)


Cylindrical Vases:

Small: $26 (left) / Quantity: 1

Large: $44 (right)  / Quantity: 0

(in custom starburst pattern)

If you have questions on the registry, please contact Chris Pence:  Email: chris@haand.us / Phone: (904)233-4883  Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

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