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Care & Maintenance

Is your dinnerware dishwasher safe?

Yes, our plates are designed for the rigors of restaurant kitchens and will be safe in your dishwasher. We recommend using detergents that are gentle and environmentally friendly such as Seventh Generation.  


What about the other parts of the kitchen?

Our plates and bowls will be fine in your microwave and refrigerator. They are also safe in your oven up to 400°F but always be careful to prevent subjecting them to thermal shock (going from extreme cold to extreme hot or visa versa). Thermal shock can break or damage porcelain pottery.

Our work is used daily in restaurants and homes across the world. When taken care of and stored properly, our wares will last a lifetime.


How do I clean cutlery marks off the plates?  

Any matte glaze can show some cutlery marking over time. This is a factor of the glaze being stronger than the flatware. Any marking is only temporary and do not worry, it is not harming the glaze. To remove these marks, we recommend scrubbing with a gentle abrasive cleaner such as Bar Keeper’s friend.


How do Haand plates stack?  

Our plates are designed to stack in your cupboard.  We do not recommend stacking plates more than 12" high.


Product & Order Information

 Does your pottery contain any harmful ingredients?

All of our products are lead free and meet all FDA criteria for tableware. We intentionally fire our porcelain to the same temperatures of fine industrial porcelain, and follow strict guidelines for selecting colorants and glazes with the intention of creating a safe, ethically sourced product that you can proudly and joyfully use.


What colors are available?

Browse our color selections here


Where can I buy your products?

Our items are available online and from our studio in Burlington, NC.  If you would like to schedule a visit and tour, please email info@haand.us.



How long until I receive my order from Haand?

In stock items will be ready to ship out within a day or two of placing your order. Made to order items will typically ship within 2 weeks.  We are always sensitive to our customer’s needs and if you require an order by a specific date & time, we will do our best to ensure we meet your request.  Please email info@haand.us if you have any special requests.


How do you ship?

Orders are shipped via UPS ground. If you need shipment to a PO Box, we will use the US Postal Service for your order. If you need your shipment expedited, we can arrange for that as well. Once your order ships, you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking information.


I received a broken item, what happens now?

We have a stellar record of preventing breakage during shipping but accidents do occur in our fast paced world. If you received a broken item, please document it and send images to info@haand.us with your order number included. Please don’t worry about sending us back the broken item.  We will handle filing a claim with the shipping company and will send you a replacement piece ASAP. We will only honor broken item claims filed within 1 week of delivery.


I ordered the wrong item, can I exchange it?

It’s our aim to ensure your satisfaction with your order. We are happy to exchange items within 1 week of receiving your order for store credit or exchange as long as they have not been used.  Unless your item arrived defective, you will be responsible for the shipping cost and the item’s safe return. A 15% restocking fee may apply in select situations. As a small business, we cannot offer cash refunds but we’ll make sure you end up happy.

Colors can look different from device to device and if you would like to see a sample of a color before buying, we recommend purchasing a ramekin or small plate before buying a set. Our glazes are formulated in house and applied by hand, so a small amount of variation is to be expected and embraced as part of the process.


I don’t live in the USA.  Can I still buy Haand for my home?

We are well versed in international shipping. If you live outside the USA and would like to place an order, please contact info@haand.us.


I’m not seeing what I’m really looking for, can I order something off menu?

Our studio has a wide variety of custom capabilities and our website is only a fraction of our catalog. If you’d like to explore the possibilities, please email info@haand.us.

I own a restaurant/ cafe/ hotel/ coffee shop/ retail shop/ boutique, etc., do you do wholesale pricing?

Of course! Please email us: info@haand.us and we would be happy to work with you. We are in dozens of US and international restaurants and hotels.


How did you pick the name Haand?

When we started Haand, we knew that it was going to be an unusual company, slightly off-kilter because we believed in making things by hand in the 21st century.  Simultaneously strange and familiar, it is a knowable, recognizable, & comfortable word. Haand itself is an archaic word for hand dating back many centuries to Norway.  A word from the past, pronounced "hand".