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Mystery Box
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Mystery Box

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Available in limited quantities, in four different sizes, our new Mystery Box is an incredible way to get some unique Haand pieces at once-in-a-lifetime prices. These boxes are a mixture of first-quality items that were excess inventory from hospitality orders, test items we are prototyping, and a mix of surplus seconds- all discounted up to 70% off!

Dip Your Toes in the Pottery ($75)
  • Our smallest mystery box, but packed with lots to love and dare we say… mystery!
An A-Glaze-Ing Deal ($125)
  • Our medium option, think of it like ordering double appetizers. You are getting a ton of variety without breaking the bank.
You’ll “Kiln” For It ($250)
  • The main course, and an opportunity to really build out your collection at a crazy value.
Trust Us, You’re in Good Haands ($500)
  • The biggest, most special, bonkers box. Like sitting at the chef’s table and ordering the full tasting menu (plus wine) you are guaranteed an exceptional experience and a chance to explore some of the breadth and depth of our collections.  

Q: What is included in your Mystery Boxes?

A: Our mystery boxes are hand-curated by our team and include a mix of limited edition items (unique colors, tests designs, etc.), excess inventory from past restaurant and/or hotel orders, and a mix of miscellaneous second-quality pieces.

Q: Why are we doing this? 

A: Over the last year or so, the shelves in our studio have gotten a little cluttered. We’ve accumulated quite the array of unique pieces and in hopes of finding loving homes for all of these items, we’re introducing our first-ever Mystery Box program. 

Our team has curated a limited quantity of “mystery boxes” available in four sizes. If you’re excited by a bit of mystery, and believe in the magic of pottery destiny, we can promise you that these boxes offer an incredible value of unique Haand pieces at up to 70% off. 

As a small team we currently don’t have the resources to photograph each of these items and set them up on our website, but they’re begging (as much as porcelain can beg) to leave our studio and to arrive in someone’s hands. 

No additional discounts can be applied to Mystery Boxes. All sales of Mystery Boxes are final. No returns or exchanges.

Is your dinnerware dishwasher & microwave safe?

Yes, our plates are designed for the rigors of restaurant kitchens and will be safe in your dishwasher & microwave. For cleaning we recommend using detergents that are gentle and environmentally friendly such as Seventh Generation.

How do I clean cutlery marks off the plates?

Any matte glaze can show cutlery marking over time. This is a factor of the glaze being stronger than the flatware. Any marking is only temporary and do not worry, it is not harming the glaze. To remove these marks, we recommend scrubbing with a gentle abrasive cleaner such as Bar Keeper’s friend.
Check out a video how-to here

Is your dinnerware oven safe?

Yes, our plates are also safe in your oven up to 400°F but they are not bakeware or intended for routine use in the oven. Always be careful to prevent subjecting them to thermal shock (going from extreme cold to extreme hot or visa versa). Thermal shock can break or damage porcelain pottery.

Are your products durable?

Our work is used daily in over 175 restaurants around the world. Fast paced restaurants put our plates through rigors that they’ll never experience in your home. You can use our plates just like you’re accustomed to and when taken care of and stored properly, our wares will last a lifetime (or a few!).

How do Haand plates stack?

Our plates are designed to stack in your cupboard. We do not recommend stacking plates more than 12" high.

Seconds Return Policy: All sales of seconds are final. No returns or exchanges.

Seconds Sale Shipping: We are expecting an extremely high order volume during the sale. We will be working hard to get your order shipped within several weeks of when you place your order. If you need your order shipped more quickly, we encourage you to reach out to and we’ll do our best to accommodate the request.

A “second quality” piece (i.e right below first quality). These are pieces we produce throughout the year that have a slight flaw but are still perfectly functional. They may be slightly different in color or glossier than intended- they might also have iron spots or a thumbprint. We discount these pieces heavily, and they are a great way to start your own Haandmade home.

All Seconds are 100% lead free and still meet FDA criteria for tableware. The ingredients are selected following strict guidelines for selecting colorants and glazes with the intention of creating a safe, ethically sourced product that you can proudly and joyfully use.

More Details & Examples of Seconds

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Seconds Sale: How it Works

This is our biggest sale ever! Over the course of 3 weeks, we’ll be releasing thousands of pieces of handmade pottery in over 400 different shapes and colors, at up to 45% off!

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What is a Second?

A “second quality” piece (i.e right below first quality). These are pieces we produce throughout the year that have a slight flaw but are still perfectly functional.

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