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Rebecca Downs + Evan Lane

Regular price $32.00

Registry for Rebecca Downs + Evan Lane

Wedding Date: May 20, 2017

Evan and I have shared a love for handmade pottery since the genesis of our relationship and have filled our home with some of our favorite artists. 4 years ago, while wandering a local boutique, my eyes fell upon HAAND pieces for the first time. Stricken by the minimal glazes, organic shapes, and nesting forms, I admired their work from afar. Years later, while setting up a home for hosting, we dream of meals served at my grandfather’s handcrafted dining room table — dishes filled with color on the canvas of HAAND pottery. 
HAAND practices commitment to serving our environment, our local economy, and beautiful artistry — three missions we strive for in our daily lives, as well. We are so thankful for your love and support in this chapter of celebration! — Rebecca + Evan

Registry Items

Nesting Hunter Set
  • Margay Salad Plate - $32 x1
  • Caracal Luncheon Plate - $45 x1
  • Ocelot Platter - $75 x1

Fish Platter - $135 x0

Round Serving Platter - $85 x1

Civet - $105 x1

Silver Dollar Bowls

  • X-Small/Ramekin - $18 x4
  • Small/Yogurt Bowl - $22 x4
  • Medium/Soup Bowl - $27 x0
  • Large/Pasta Bowl - $32 x0

Serving Bowls

  • Small - $99 x0
  • Medium - $149 x1
  • Large - $189 x1

Oyster Platter - $120 x1