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New for Spring 2023! Two exclusive, limited edition candles developed in collaboration with Benevolence Farm, in a reusable 8-ounce Haand cup.

I love spring, and everything it brings- the wild weather, the crippling pollen allergies, the re-born life humming around us after a winter’s slumber. For the first day of Spring, we thought it would be nice to do something to celebrate, so we whipped up a small batch of candles with our partners at Benevolence Farm. The two candle scents tell the story of two sides of spring- the stormy, windy, misty days in our Stormware vessel and the almost fluorescent sunny days we get here in North Carolina in our Cloudware vessels. The wonderful duality of springtime: "March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers"

Stormware Candle

Inspired by the scents of a dripping, wet forest in spring. The moss breathes life, dogwoods blossom, and mud clings to your boots. Our Stormware is the perfect vessel for this moody scent, the perfect candle to light on a spring evening when winter’s chill lingers a bit and you are dreaming of the mysteries of life and it’s cycles. Spring is the season in between, and it always reminds me of it’s more mysterious sibling Autumn- the spirit world is closer, and vibrates under every leaf and tree trunk’s shadow.

Scent Notes: Mist, Forest, Rain, Blossoming Life

Cloudware Candle

When we have blue-sky days, and the dandelions, tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are blooming, I really understand deeply and completely the urge of lambs, baby goats, and calves to suddenly spring in the air and bound around on the fresh, green grass with stiff legs. Anything feels possible, and labor in the garden feels a little easier with all the promise of what’s to come. 

Scent Notes: Sunshine, Grass, Flowers


  • All Benevolence Farm & Haand candles are 8 ounces
  • Each candle comes is packaged in a gift box- wrap it up for the perfect gift to someone special
  • Wax is Soy-based from U.S farms and scents are all phthalate free. 

Reusable: We wanted to make sure that in addition to a candle, you were getting a high-quality piece of pottery. When you finish these candles, you can simply remove the wick and its metal holder, and then heat the cup with a blow dryer or put it in the microwave for 30 seconds on a paper towel. While the wax is still hot, safely use a paper towel or rag to wipe off the remaining wax, and then put it in the dishwasher. This shape is a perfect juice cup or storage container.

About our Collaboration with Benevolence Farm

We developed two new candles for this collaboration and look forward to many more. Benevolence Farm grows and distills its own fragrance oils and I knew we had to use them, to share some of our Piedmont terroirs in these labors of love. Located a couple of country miles from Haand, we feel privileged to support them in any way we can- 25% of every candle purchased is donated to support the work of Benevolence.

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