Cloudware Ball Ornament

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The Cloudware Ball Ornaments are made of our swirled blue and white porcelain and capped with a beautiful wood finial. They are inspired by classic Christmas ornaments from the early 20th century. Ours is a modern, handcrafted addition to your holiday tradition, whatever it may be. Comes in a custom storage box. 

Cloudware is our proprietary blue and white clay, designed to echo historic Wedgwood Jasperware and mimic the blue, cloud-streaked sky of a North Carolina afternoon. Every piece captures a unique moment frozen in time-- no two are ever alike, just like the clouds on a summer day or the swirls and veins of marble.


  • Dimensions 2.5" Diameter
  • Material: Polished, Colored Porcelain with a wooden finial and waxed Irish linen thread
  • String Length:  approx 2.25”
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    Made with care & intention

    We do everything in-house. We believe that to do something right, we must be involved in the entire process.

    Designed to last a lifetime

    Durable, heirloom quality porcelain built to withstand the rigors of commercial kitchens.

    Shipped with care

    We package every order carefully, ensuring our pieces arrive on your doorstep intact.

    The Cloudware Line

    Each Piece as Unique as the Sky

    Cloudware is the look of the North Carolina sky in summer, marbled paper notebooks, wild cornflowers, cream in coffee. Each piece represents a specific moment in time, a merging of classic design with a pared-down simplicity that feels both historic and of the present.

    A Contemporary Take on a Classic

    Our unique riff on Wedgwood's classic Jasperware with a modern twist. Cloudware's vibrant colors make every unique piece a stunning everyday accent, a dramatic dinner table centerpiece, and everything in the middle.

    How it's Made