Stormware Chemist Cup

Stormware Chemist Cup

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The Chemist Cup is the sort of thing you might find in a 19th century laboratory or in a shadowy alchemist’s den. Its compact cylindrical form fits perfectly in your hand and keeps a chilled cocktail cold or a cup of tea hot. The Stormware finish adds another element of interest to the Chemist Cup. Stormware is a moody gray and white mixture of clays, modelled after the look of thunderclouds on the horizon on a cloudy day. Each Stormware piece is different, a weather system captured in clay.


  • Dimensions (3.5" X 3")
  • Volume (9 oz)


  • Lead-free, glazed white porcelain
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe
  • Handmade by a person in NC, USA
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26 March 2021
Jeremy P.
United States United States
beautiful simplicity

Stormware Chemist Cup fits my hand and just feels good. It’s light but not too light. The finish is smooth but not glossy-smooth. The clay is beautiful. It’s just a very well-considered vessel that I use every day, and it reminds me of my far off NC home.

10 December 2020
Alyssa R.
United States United States

This cup is gorgeous. It’s heavy and appears durable. Nearly perfect. My cup doesn’t look much like the photos — in photos it looks like it has a hint of dark green but is primarily white and glossy. My cup is mostly grey with flecks of white marbled in. Not a total dealbreaker but not what I expected. It is also much wider than I anticipated— not a bad thing but who really goes out and measures the dimensions of a cup? I didn’t. The only true issue I have with this cup is the reason I bought it — the handless design. Aesthetically it is gorgeous. It’s sleek and looks like art sitting on its own. This is where the pain comes in. You have to let it sit because the ceramic isn’t forgiving — hot drinks get really hot! You have to grab the cup by the body and there’s no insulation so you either have to hold a very very hot cup or let it sit until it isn’t as hot to enjoy your drink. Overall: great looking piece, durable, and love the HAAND stamp on the bottom. It’s a unique cup that does that it does that maybe people wouldn’t think of immediately. I assumed there would be insulation of some kind given the design but then again, that changes the aesthetic of the cup. Can’t win them all! Would be solved if I didn’t use the cup for warm drinks.