Diner Mug

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A letter from the designer, Mark Warren
I love a good mug. Specifically, I love a good diner mug. A mass produced, chunky, chipped lip, coffee stained mug instantly brings me memories of eating at a Waffle House on a family road trip between Florida and Mississippi, or a bleary eyed trip to an all night diner during my younger, wilder days. I have a library of mugs I have appropriated from diners, cafeterias, and thrift shops on the shelves of the design lab. They are not pretty, but they are built to last and the ones I gravitate towards have a ratio between the handle and the mug are often ergonomically perfect but visually unbalanced. This mug is a love letter to these quotidian, working class heroes of the beverage world. -MW


  • Dimensions (3" X 3.75")
  • Volume (10 oz)


  • Lead-free, glazed white porcelain
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe
  • Handmade by a person in NC, USA

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