Squares + Triangles


Nesting bowl shapes based on a square subdivided into triangles. Through exposure to high temperatures, the porcelain moves and begins to assume both a circular and angular form, creating a shape that is both sharp and fluid. These unique shapes are fun to build a meal around- Starting with a main dish or salad in the Square, a side or soup in the Large Triangle and down to the smaller triangles which  are perfect for sauces or individual guest's salt and pepper. The "Squares & Triangles Set" includes : 1 Square Bowl, 2 Large Triangles, 2 Medium Triangles, and 2 Small Triangles.

  • Made by hand in NC, USA
  • Slip cast Cone 10 Porcelain
  • Square: 2" T, 8.5" x 8.5" W
  • Large Triangle: 2" T 4.25"x 6.75" on longest side
  • Medium Triangle: 1.75" T x 4.5" on longest side
  • Small Triangle: 1" T, 3" on longest side
  • This work is microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator safe


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