Silver Dollar Bowls


The Silver Dollar Bowls are perfect for everyday use. Designed to stack in a pleasing manner to save you space in your cupboard, or as a centerpiece for your kitchen shelves. With their simple lines and graceful rims, they are the ideal canvas for displaying your beautiful meals.
  • Made by hand in NC, USA
  • Slip cast Cone 10 Porcelain 
  • XS: 1.5" T, 2.5" W; S: 2" T, 4.5" W; M:3" T, 4.75" W
  • L: 3" T, 6" W; XL 2.75" T, 12.75" W 
  • Rim Color options: Coral, Sea foam, Lake or Mixed
  • This work is microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator safe. 

Save up to 35% when you buy a set of 4
Mixed Rim Color sets include 1 White, 1 Coral Rim, 1 Lake Rim and 1 Sea-foam Rim, or specify which colors you want in checkout instruction area for any variety

Please direct inquiries concerning discounts for large orders to
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